D2R Budget Build: Diablo 2 Resurrected Poison Nova Necromancer


What is the Diablo 2 Necromancer Poison Nova build?

The Poison Nova builds a powerful AOE skill(area-of-effect). The Poison Nova build uses Poison Nova, Revives, and Corpse Explosion to kill enemies quickly. The player summons minions to tank for them while they cast their spells from afar. Super easy to learn.

This build can be helpful early on, and in late-game content like Pit runs, Chaos runs, and even Baal runs.

Why is the Poison Nova build the best for budget builds?

Early on, this build can do very well just using just magical items the player finds while level progressing. Prioritizing + to all skills and + to Poison skills will increase your killing speeds and experience grind.

Nightmare cows and level 40 is where this character starts to shine. Cows being densely grouped, giving your AOE spells a lot of value; after some practice, you can quickly clear these maps and get all your Grand Charm Skillers and runes up to IST.

The Leveling Grind (join groups for faster experience)

  • Levels 1 - 15: Public Tristram runs.(Search games for "Trist")
  • Levels 15 - 24: Public Tomb runs.(Search games for "Tomb")
  • Level 24: Complete Rite of Passage.
  • Levels 25 - 40: Public Baal runs (Don't kill Baal until you are 40)
  • Level 41: Kill Nightmare Baal
  • Levels 41 - 70: Nightmare Cow runs. (after level 60 this gets slow but keep doing these until you have a full inventory of GC Skillers)
  • Levels 70-85: Public Hell Baal runs
  • Levels 85 and above: Solo Chaos runs(Do Hell cows if this is to hard)

How to Play

Pre Enigma

Curse, Run, Poison Nova,Run, Poison Nova, Corpse Explosion. Rinse and repeat.

After Enigma

Teleport, Curse,  Poison Nova,Run, Poison Nova, Corpse Explosion. Rinse and repeat. Teleport is huge, it gathers all your minions around you protecting you when you teleport into a pack of mobs. Try to always stay moving after you teleport. Make an iron golem out of insight to keep your mana high after you have upgraded your mercs weapon.

Starter Gear Setup and Mid to High Tier Gear Setup

Lower levels

Collect loot as you go and always choose +Skills over other stats. You can collect most of your Mid gear from nightmare cows and your GC Skillers. This class levels fast so don't worry about gear optimization for below level 40.

  • Grand Charms: +1 Poison and Bone Skills(Prioritize these, they make a huge difference)

Mid to High tier

  1. Prioritize skillers first!
  2. Then Trang-Oul's pieces
  3. Then Arachnid Mesh
  4. Then Enigma
  5. Then Death's Web


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