Diablo 2 Resurrected Release Date and Public beta

Coming as soon as September 23, 2021

Activision is delivering the remaster of its twenty years old legend one month from now, and players can experience what's in store with the open beta.

The primary Diablo 2 open beta date is August 20, 2021 at the accompanying occasions all throughout the planet: 10AM PDT/1PM EST/5PM BST/6PM CEST/11PM CST  this denotes the primary chance for individuals to play the game on the off chance that they have not partaken in the previous shut beta (which expects you to pre-request). 

The last Diablo 2 open beta date is three days after the fact on August 23, 2021 – this denotes the finish of the Diablo 2 Revived Open Beta 

Between these two dates, you will actually want to play the open beta however much you like, as though you own the game, however clearly the substance will be restricted as talked about.


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